Reasons Why Desiccants are Important in Food and Medicine

Moisture can significantly affect food quality and medicines’ safety by giving rise to bacteria and fungi growth. The removal of humidity and moisture is necessary to enhance a product’s shelf life and ensure its safety.

The primary purpose of desiccants is moisture absorption from the closed environment they’re in. Although commonly found in food and medicine packaging, desiccants have spread to clothing, cosmetics, electronics, and various other industries, offering benefits to various products.

Desiccants in the Pharmaceutical Industry


Pharmaceutical companies commonly use desiccants like activated carbon, silica gel, clay and molecular sieves. They’re an economical and convenient way to remove moisture in a product, prolonging their life till their expiration date. Moreover, due to their non-corrosive and non-toxic nature, they’re safe to put into food and medicine products.

Within the pharmaceutical world, purity, control, and cleanliness are vital aspects of packaging. The need for products like desiccants is essential due to the high levels of humidity and moisture found in any household; whether in medicine cabinets, drawers, or shelves, moisture gathers within no time. Therefore, it’s necessary to use desiccants to remove this moisture from the medication to ensure their effectiveness.

Desiccants in the Food Industry


Desiccants are used in the food industry to ensure food stays fresh, as anti-caking, thickening, and drink clearing agents. Their non-toxic nature and anti-caking agents prevent foods from clumping together, allowing quick and easy transportation and consumption.

Precipitated silica gel is commonly found in beverages as clearing agents, making drinks flow better. Moreover, drink clearing agents are used to improve the quality of essential oils, refreshments, liquors, and non-alcoholic drinks and are known to remove haziness or cloudiness from a drink, making it clearer when consumed.

Silica gel is used in food additives as a stabilizer, conditioning agent, absorbent, filter aid, anti-settling agent, viscosity control, emulsifying agent, childproofing agent, and a defoaming agent.

Moreover, desiccants are necessary in food and medicine as they absorb moisture prolonging the life of the products till their registered registration date.


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