Understanding Activated Alumina

Understanding Activated Alumina

Otherwise known as aluminum hydroxide, activated alumina is a highly porous desiccant with a large surface area. It resists thermal shocks and will not soften, swell, or shrink when immersed in water. Its strength makes it resistant to abrasions and cracks.

Activated alumina desiccant is a pole-molecular absorbent used in the deep-drying of propylene, ethylene, and cracked gas. Activated alumina can be better understood by studying its various applications.


The porosity and large surface area of activated alumina allow it to hold and capture several types of materials. Its physical properties make it an excellent adsorbent in both liquid and gas applications. Several industries use activated alumina to remove elements from other mediums. For example, it effectively removes fluoride from water and other contaminants like sulfur, lead, and arsenic.  

As a drying agent, activated alumina is mainly used in the air-drying industry and different types of air dryers. These include heatless air dryers, heated air dryers, and compressed air dryers.


Activated alumina is also capable of adsorbing moisture from the air. Thus, it can be used as a desiccant. Like silica gel, activated alumina captures and traps water to keep things dry. It can be used in various other applications within an industrial setting. For example, activated alumina can remove moisture from gases. However, it is then thermally treated to be reused.

As a desiccant, activated alumina is commonly used in petrochemical, fertilizer, chemical, and natural gas industries.   

Activated Alumina as Catalysts

Another advantage of activated alumina is its ability to act as a catalyst.  Activated alumina is widely used in industries, whether as a substrate or an inert carrier for other catalysts.

Activated alumina is widely known as a Claus catalyst as it helps recover sulfur at oil and gas refineries. As a catalyst, the applications of activated alumina are utilized in polyethylene and hydrogen peroxide-producing industries.  

Activated Alumina’s Overview

The ability of activated alumina to act as an adsorbent, a catalyst, and a desiccant makes it valuable in several industrial processes. It is produced by activating aluminum oxide through the Bayer Process. It is agglomerated at times to enhance its handling property and overall performance. When working with activated alumina, it is better to test its feasibility.          

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