Ways Silica Gel Bags are Used Commercially

Many industries use silica gel bags to protect and preserve their products. The desiccant helps them prevent moisture damage and keep their products from rotting.

Most commonly, you’ll find these small packets inside pill bottles to help the drugs free from moisture and any textural damage.

Let’s look at some other forms of commercial uses of silica gel packs.

Silica gel is used to keep food products fresh

A lot of food products that you find in your local grocery store are packaged with silica gel bags. Select silica gel doesn’t only prolong the food item’s shelf life, but it also helps prevent mold from growing on the food product. They are commonly found in the packaging of bacon bits, pepperoni, dried fruit, etc.

Silica gel is used in clothing storage and shipping

When clothing is exposed to moisture and humidity, it can start reeking a musty smell. That’s why a lot of manufacturers place silica gel bags when they are shipping clothing items and leather products to their customers or other stores.

orange Silica gel

Especially when the weather is rainy and there is a chance of leakage in the warehousestorage or during transportation of goods.

Silica gel is used to preserve crucial documents

A lot of times when a business sends important documents they cannot risk any type of damage during transportation. That’s why they often place silica gel packets in the envelope containing the document.

Silica gel helps prevent rusting

Many industries use tools that are prone to rust when they’re exposed to moisture. In order to avoid this, silica gel packs are used to store expensive metal tools to help them prolong their life.

In addition, shipping heavy machinery via sea cargo may also expose them to very high moisture in the sea. For this reason, companies often use a variety of desiccants, including silica gel, to protect their capital.

You can also buy silica gel packets to place in your toolbox at home since the humidity level in your garage is usually higher than normal.

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