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What Is Container Rain & How Can it be Prevented?

Often, containerized goods can be damaged due to high levels of humidity in the sea. Not only does this cause huge economic losses to companies, but the damaged goods are disposed of as waste, affecting marine life.

In this blog, we will look at the phenomenon of container rain, which damages container products during cargo, and discuss a few preventive measures to keep your products safe.

Understanding container rain

As the shipment passes through various climate zones, the constant changes in temperature can cause container rain.

For example, if a container is loaded in a humid and warm environment and then transported to a region with a cooler temperature, there is a high probability that cargo goods are damaged by container rain. That’s why many shipment companies use desiccants and other safety measures to prevent moisture damage.

How to protect goods from moisture damage and fungus?

Although it’s not possible to control fluctuations in the temperature, there are a few ways a company might consider preventing container rain.

Generally, all containers have some level of moisture, as air contains water molecules. But sometimes, the cargo might also contain moisture. Goods such as handicrafts, furniture, clothes, and agricultural products, have moisture that may release when the temperature in the environment drops. Moreover, packaging such as cartons, cardboard, and pallets may also lead to increased moisture in the container.

Here are a few ways to prevent moisture damage:


One simple way to avoid moisture in the container is to create room for ventilation. If a container is ventilated, it can prevent moisture from building up by removing the humid air from the container.


If you’re shipping fragile or high-value goods that are at risk of moisture damage and fungus, then you must secure them against container rain. The best way to prevent damage from container rain is to use quality desiccants.

Many companies now offer container desiccant to prevent container humidity in different shapes and sizes. The desiccants absorb the excess moisture and humidity present in the environment and keep the goods safe throughout the journey.

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