How Oxygen-Absorbing Film Can Help With Food Packaging

How Oxygen-Absorbing Film Can Help With Food Packaging

An oxygen-absorbing film can protect the texture, aroma, flavor, look, and overall quality of packaged foods. Its ability to blend in with the packaging makes it seamlessly convenient to use.

Applications of Oxygen Absorbing Films

Oxygen-absorbing films are being impregnated into the packaging, making it an invisible yet fully integrated solution. However, whether the film is a viable option or not depends vastly on the type of food being packed. The oxygen-absorbing film is ideally used for the following food packages:

  • HPP
  • Retort
  • Bag in a box
  • Lidstock
  • Pouches

Advantages of Using Oxygen-Absorbing Films in Food Packaging

Oxygen-absorbing films are an effective and beneficial choice for manufacturers because they:

1. Promise Customer Satisfaction  

Instead of using oxygen absorber packets, manufacturers use oxygen-absorbing films to guarantee customer satisfaction. As a customer, you might not like finding a floating packet in your tin of red beans. The absorbing film, on the contrary, will be a part of the packaging, and customers won’t be disgusted by it.

2. Speed up Production

Using an oxygen-absorbing film in packaged foods will eliminate the need to include labels and sachets during production. This increases efficiency and speeds up the process of packaging.

3. Minimize Health Concern

Oxygen-scavenging films keep your food fresh for a longer period, retaining its texture and taste. This makes the food edible and keeps it from going bad. In recent years, customers have become more conscious about consuming fresh and healthy food and are ready to pay a higher price for it. Oxygen-absorbing films are beneficial because they preserve the nutrients and freshness of the food, keeping it free from microbial growth.  This ultimately reduces health concerns among consumers.

4. Are A Sustainable Choice!  

Developing a protective film within the packaging eliminates the need for oxygen absorber sachets.  For every 1 million packages, oxygen-absorbing films save around 400 pounds of plastic each year. Therefore, using an oxygen-scavenging film is not only a healthy but also a sustainable choice. It keeps our surroundings free from unnecessary plastic waste!

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