Activated Alumina and How it Works

Activated Alumina and How it Works

Activated alumina is a porous material formed from aluminum hydroxide and is more commonly referred to as alumina. According to an industry report, it’s predicted that the activated alumina market will grow at a CAGR of 5.4 percent by 2025.

Activated alumina is used in various industries and for research purposes as well because of its unique properties. It’s a useful desiccant with a high water adsorption capacity and is mainly used for dehumidifying warm gases, including air.

Besides working as a desiccant, it also has catalyst and filtration applications. Here’s everything you need to know about activated alumina.

How Does It Work?

Activated alumina is formulated by heating the compound and eradicating all moisture from it. The result is a large surface area and a highly porous consistency.

Utilized as a desiccant, activated alumina adsorbs, not absorbs. This is a significant distinguishing factor. For example, a sponge absorbs water, but the water molecules don’t stick to the sponge, and they eventually leak out or evaporate after a while.

On the other hand, activated alumina works by a process known as adsorption. When moisture is drawn to the pores, the water and air passing through the tiny tunnels stick to the activated alumina and create a bond. Once it does, it won’t just come out through leakage or evaporation.

However, this process can be reversed by heating the activated alumina to -200 degrees Celsius. The trapped water will be released, and the desiccant will be regenerated.

Apart from this unique trait, activated alumina has many other distinguishable properties, which include high crush strength, highly porous structure, resistance to chemical attacks, large surface area, high selectivity, and resistance to thermal shock, among countless others.

Uses of Activated Alumina

Catalyst applications: Adsorption of catalysts in the production of hydrogen peroxide, polyethylene, and various chemicals.

Fluoride adsorbent: More commonly used to remove fluoride from drinking water as it can cause fluorosis or lower IQ.

Vacuum systems: It’s used as a charge material.

Biomaterial: It’s suitable to cover friction in body prostheses.


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