Why Desiccants are Necessary for Electronics Transport

Why Desiccants are Necessary for Electronics Transport

Sensitive electronic equipment needs to be handled carefully during transit and storage.

Even the smallest amount of condensation or humidity is enough to cause permanent damage to electronic items. This could lead to huge losses if the equipment were expensive to buy and manufacture.

There are many ways manufacturers can keep electronic things safe when transporting them through humid areas.

Moisture-vapor barrier packaging and desiccants can be used to keep out humidity effectively. Here’s how the latter can be used for successful transportation:

What Are Desiccants?

Desiccants are moisture-absorbing compounds or agents that are used to promote a low-humidity environment.

Their moisture-wicking abilities enable them to remove water from the air, making them ideal for packing, transportation, and storing products and materials.

Desiccants like silica gel or Montmorillonite clay are used to keep everything from shoes to military weapons dry.

How Does Water Contaminate A Package?

There are four ways water can contaminate a closed package or container, which can be effectively dealt with using desiccants.

This may include the water vapor already present inside the box, the moisture from the materials in the package, moisture from the air inside the container, or an external source of moisture that leaks into the package.

Why Is Moisture A Risk For Electronic Devices?

Most electronic items come with a circuit card. This refers to the small green squares with wired designs that look like braille on top.

These cards hold all the memory that is needed to make your devices operate. Any electronic item that includes these circuit cards is called a “Surface Mount Device.”

Unfortunately, these cards are manufactured with plastic and have the tendency to absorb the moisture around them. If there’s an excess of humidity in the air due to weather conditions or because of heat, this moisture transforms into steam, which permeates the device.

Therefore, if electronics aren’t protected with suitable materials, water can still make its way into them.

How Can Desiccants Protect Your Electronics?

Desiccants can help remove the moisture from your packaging, and they do the same for your electronics.

They can absorb any moisture that remains once you have packed your device, keeping it dry. It will also absorb any water that enters the packing during transportation, so you can easily take your items through extreme temperatures without worrying about moisture.

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