Why Are Desiccants Important for the Pharmaceutical Industry?

Why Are Desiccants Important for the Pharmaceutical Industry?

Pharmaceutical companies and factories use a desiccant product called silica gel to keep their good from being contaminated. A desiccant product is used as packing material for pills, toners cartridges, or anything else the manufacturer might want to protect.

This blog will explain what desiccant is and how it can help improve your business operations at a pharmaceutical factory. 

What Is A Desiccant?

Desiccant products are designed to absorb moisture content in pharmaceutical products. They usually come in the form of small bags that have enclosed gelatin capsules. These capsules are porous, and when they come into contact with moisture, they’ll absorb it till it’s completely gone.

How Do They Work?

Most desiccants are activated by the addition of moisture, typically from the atmosphere. This activates the material to absorb and retain moisture. Once activated, this type of desiccant will remove up to 99% of its weight in water before releasing it back into the air.

Other forms include absorption processes that work via molecular bonding with other materials present. The molecule’s affinity for humid spaces generally falls within a range of around 8% – 0%. When released, they release heat or cold depending on their original temperature.

The Benefits of Using Desiccants

It lets your product stay on the shelf for long

If you use a desiccant packing material, you can protect your product from getting damaged. Water and humidity can do serious harm to pharmaceuticals, causing them to become unusable.

You can also avoid having to have your product recalled, and products returned to the manufacturer. You’ll have to deal with this if you don’t use a desiccant product at the factory.

It will allow you to use a higher quality of packaging material

Manufacturers are under strict guidelines when handling their products, and everything they do has an impact on the quality of their packaging materials. If you want your product to be packaged with the best materials, you should use a desiccant product.

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