Oxygen Absorbers – 4 Reasons Why They're Important

Oxygen Absorbers – 4 Reasons Why They’re Important

What Are Oxygen Absorbers?

Oxygen absorbers are harmless packets of iron powder used to package food and other perishables to improve their shelf-life. These packets are non-toxic and free of the endocrine-disrupting BPA (a harmful resin used to make plastic).

As the name suggests, oxygen absorbers are responsible for absorbing oxygen in the packaging to reduce the harm caused by oxidation. Keep reading to find out why oxygen absorbers are an important part of packaging for preserved food.

Why Are They Important?

To preserve food, it undergoes freeze-drying. It loses 95% of its water content upon freeze-drying and needs to be preserved using oxygen absorbers. These oxygen absorber packets contain iron powder, natural zeolite powder, and water.  

These absorbers are placed in diagnostic kits, vegetables, meats, rice, dry foods, lentils, grains, etc. before they’re packaged, and they help in the following ways:

Improves Shelf Life

The oxygen present inside food items is bad for the food in two ways: it oxidizes the food causing a change in its composition, and it also allows rapid microbial growth. Both these things reduce shelf-life and cause the product to spoil rapidly. Adding an oxygen absorber to it allows a longer shelf-life as food preservation is only possible n the absence of oxygen.

Preserves Color and Taste

As mentioned above, oxidation is a potential problem that one may face when packaging food. Oxidation comes with a color change (adding a rusty color to the food), and it may taste metallic as well. Manufacturers can avoid this by using vacuum packaging that pulls all the oxygen out, or an oxygen absorber can be placed inside it. This allows the food to retain its original color and taste.

Improves Stability

Oxygen-free radicals can disrupt the stability of the product. These free radicals are what cause oxidative damage to food and pharmaceutical products. The free radicals are rapidly attracted to the oxygen absorbers, decreasing the chances of reaction between oxygen and the product. This results in improved stability of the product allowing an extended shelf-life and non-reactive packaging.

Absorbs Humidity

Food items and pharmaceutical products are transferred in closed spaces where they’re subjected to humidity and water molecules that can affect their texture and taste. The moisture is absorbed by the food products resulting in sogginess and smell. Oxygen absorbers act as desiccants that attract water molecules, keeping the packaging dry and moisture-free.

Where Can You Get Oxygen Absorbers?

If you’re a food preservation or packaging company or provide diagnostic kits and other pharmaceutical products, oxygen absorbers are a safe and convenient alternative to vacuum packaging. Vacuum packaging is also susceptible to punctures and may result in spoilage.

At Sorbead India, we supply oxygen absorber packets in the Indian market. You can also buy absorbents online available in different packaging sizes from 20 CC to 3000 CC. Our packets are made from food-grade packaging, which you can place in food products to increase their shelf-life.

Our oxygen absorbers maintain your food products’ color, taste, and quality and comply with USFDA, 21CFR, EU standards. For more information, drop us an email at or call at 1800-233-2677.

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