3 Critical Aspects of Moisture Control

The air around us contains water vapor and other moisture that can affect the things in the open air. For instance, if you keep some packaged food for a few days, moisture is likely to seep in, despite the firm packaging.

If you’re looking for a packing solution for moisture control, we can help you out. Let’s explore some crucial aspects of moisture control.

Remember: Moisture is Always Trapped Inside

The atmosphere and hygroscopic materials can both retain moisture. In some cases, these materials have higher levels than the air, and when you close your enclosure, all that moisture is trapped inside.

 By baking out your assembly, purging it with dry gas to drive off the moisture, or adding enough desiccant to the assembly to bind it, you can lower this moisture load to a safe level.

Beware of the Acceptable Moisture Levels

If you’re worried about moisture control and how to protect your equipment or goods, you need to get familiar with the acceptable moisture levels. In simpler words, you need to determine how much moisture your equipment can handle without getting ruined.

This aspect depends on the equipment type. For instance, if you’re worried about cosmetic packaging, it may not withstand much moisture since it can affect its quality. The golden rule is to ensure your equipment doesn’t come in contact with excess moisture or a level it can’t tolerate.

Dry Gas Doesn’t Prevent Moisture Permeation!

The total air pressure is the overall pressure of gases like nitrogen, oxygen, and water vapor. Each of these gases will make an effort to equalize pressure by diffusing through or permeating through mediums like elastomeric seals.

 When evaluating the level of protection offered by filling your equipment with dry gas, it’s crucial to keep this aspect in mind. Due to the extremely low vapor pressure in a dry-gas environment, water vapor from the surrounding atmosphere will pass through seals and raise the vapor pressure. This can happen even if an enclosure has a substantial total internal pressure than the overall external pressure, this still occurs.

As a result, manufacturers must carefully choose their seals, since some elastomers are more permeable. You should also probably add desiccants to absorb moisture that will eventually affect your container.

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