Silica Gel Blue

Blue Silica Gel a synthetic, amorphous form of silicon dioxide containing an indicator as “Cobalt” , when Silica Gel is in packed condition and free from moisture beads are dark blue in color . Once the Silica Gel Blue picks up the moisture and get saturated it turns in to pink color . This indicated that Silica Gel need to be replaced with fresh one or regenerated.

It is self-indicating type desiccant which contains “cobalt chloride” a heavy metal salt. It is semi-transparent blue material available in beads & crystals form. The indicating gel can absorb up to 40% of its weight in water vapor. When the granular gel has absorbed approximately 8% of its weight in water, the crystals color turn from blue to light pink. As the beads takes up the moisture, its color change to light pink gradually, Infect the blue silica gel used as indicator for moisture absorption in sealed container.

In fact, blue beads are mainly used as indicator for the extent of moisture absorption from air & gas in industrial applications, supplies in small pouch as well as in bulk quantity. Where as, blue crystals are mainly used in breather transformer applications and are supplied in bulk quantity. Sorbead India is supplier and manufacturer of high qualified- blue silica gel beads and crystals with favorable results and long term use for food and pharmaceutical products packaging without any hazardous effects.

Parameters              Silica Gel Blue Beads
Physical Properties
Shape Spherical Beads
Color Blue
Size In mm 2-4 , 3-5, 5-8
Bulk Density Kg/m3 700-850
Pore Volume cc/gm 0.25-0.40
Attrition Loss % <  0.2
Adsorption Capacity @ 25° C %

40 % RH

60% RH

80% RH





Crushing Strength N 80-150
Loss On Drying % < 3
 Chemical Properties
SiO2 Min % 97
Cobalt as Cobalt Chloride % Max 0.5
Chloride as Nacl % Max 0.4

Remarks : All the parameters to be customized as per the client requirement

  • Application :
  1. Transformer Industries
  2. Seeds Drying , Flower Drying .
  3. Desiccant Pouch Manufacturing Industries
  4. Hearing Aid Industries
  5. Aerospace & Aviation Industries
  6. Electronics Industries, Automobile Industries as Desiccant
  7. Power Industries
  • Advantage 
  1. Glassy blue Color
  2. Color Indication as per Relative Humidity.
  3. Gives Indication for regeneration and replacement
  4. Moisture Proof Sealed Pack.

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