Silica Gel Orange

In this type of silica gel desiccant packet all the particles of “Silica Gel Orange impregnated with an Organic Indicator”, with having high adsorption capacity. Orange silica gel beads can absorb up to 40% of their weight in moisture. When adsorption capacity is finished and the pores are totally filled with Moisture at that time the Silica gel orange beads are converted into dark orange. Once they are in use, the Silica gel orange beads take up moisture, orange silica gel beads slowly turns orange to yellow & then to green and gives a ready indication that it has done or its loaded. Indicating type silica gel is free from foreign impurities such as, chlorides, sulphates and other organic preference and has high absorption efficiency.

Description Silica Gel Orange (Indicating Type)
Shape Spherical Beads
Adorption Capacity (%) RH 20 % 9.0
RH 50 % 22.0
Rate of Attrition (%) Min 0.2
Granularity Eligibility (%) Min 90%
Weight Loss After Heating 6-8%
Color Variation RH 20 % Orange – Light Orange
RH 50 % Light Orange – Light Green
RH 90 % Dark Green
Original Color Orange
Available Sizes 2-5 mm, 3-5 mm, 4-8 mm

For the safe loading and storage of fine powder chemicals and is ideal as a liner for drums or FIBCs. It is also used in the storage and transportation of powders and tablets.

  • Bag liners for bulk containers
  • Specialty films
  • Resin blends for improved performance
  • Vegetable based additives
  • Printed films and bags

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