What You Need to Know About Indicating Silica Gel

What You Need to Know About Indicating Silica Gel

Silica gel is an unstructured form of silicon dioxide that can be easily processed into granules or beads.

The chemical arrangement of indicating silica gel lets it transition from one color to another as it soaks up moisture and evaporates. This characteristic makes it the best option for eliminating moisture from air and gases.

Indicating silica gel assists the user in determining saturation levels while assessing the quantity of moisture absorbed by the desiccant. It offers a quick detection method by changing color to decide whether it needs to be recharged or replaced.

There are two main types of indicating silica gel; blue indicating silica gel and orange indicating silica gel.

Here’s how each of them works.

Blue Indicating Silica Gel

Blue indicating silica gel gets its unique electric-blue color from cobalt chloride (a heavy metal salt). They’re in the form of beads or granules with a high concentration of cobalt chloride. The gel is Blue when it’s dry but turns pink as the level of saturation increases.

This trait helps determine when to recharge the silica gel (by heating it) and draw out the moisture. The beads turn blue after they’re completely drained of all the moisture and are ready to be used again.

However, as cobalt chloride is a poisonous substance, it should never be used in direct contact with edible items and medicine.  

Blue indicating silica gel is a more cost-effective option than orange indicating silica gel and has mostly the same applications.

Orange Indicating Silica Gel

When it’s dry, this type of silica gel appears Orange or Yellow and turns Green after the concentration of moisture increases to approximately 15 percent by weight.

The gel gets its distinctive color from methyl violet, which is a toxic and poisonous substance. Just like the Blue gel, once it reaches its maximum absorption capacity, it can be recharged and used again.

Additionally, Orange gel is a pollution-free desiccant that’s popular among environmentally conscious companies.

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