The Complete Guide to Pharmaceutical Coils

The Complete Guide to Pharmaceutical Coils

Pharmaceutical coils are tools for storing and shipping medicines, vitamins, and other pharmaceutical products. They’re used as fillers for the transport and shipment of tablets and capsules and are made from soft, non-absorptive material.  

An essential feature of pharmaceutical coils is their ability to retain the freshness of the product. They keep the product from breaking and losing its original shape.

There are three main kinds of pharmaceutical coils. Let’s take a look at them.

Foam Plugs

Foam plugs are made of polyurethane and come in block or cylindrical shapes. They’re used as stoppers in containers and are heat resistant. They’re non-toxic, making them appropriate for use with pharmaceutical products without the threat of contamination.

One of the foam plug’s key characteristics is that it is non-absorptive, making it an excellent moisture barrier. It lets the medicine retain its optimum moisture level while ensuring that water molecules don’t make their way inside the container.

An added advantage of using foam plugs is that they’re autoclavable, which means that they’re free of microbial bacteria and sterilized. Foam plugs also spring back to their natural shape after repeated use.

Rayon Coils

Rayon is made of cellulose which lends it a soft and flexible texture. It’s odorless and non-toxic—which makes it for pharmaceutical products. It’s a biodegradable substance and is used to protect bottle packaging.

Rayon coils ensure pharmaceutical products’ stability and prevent pharmaceutical capsules or tablets from damage during shipping periods.

Polyester Coils

Polyester molecules belong to the ester functional group of petroleum products. They’re used to make polyester fibers that come together to form pharmaceutical coils. These polyester coils are non-toxic and white.

Polyester coils are mainly used as fillers for soft gel capsules that are very sensitive. These capsules are prone to moisture and heat damage and can quickly degrade in an unfavorable environment. Polyester coils create a safe space for these capsules and allow secure storage and transportation. These coils are non-fluorescent and non-absorptive, which enables the capsules to retain their required moisture.

Where Can You Buy Pharmaceutical Coils?

Always order pharmaceutical coils that fit your unique needs. You can also look for customizable options.  

At Sorbead India, we provide the best moisture-free packaging solutions. In addition to our desiccants and absorbents, we provide high-quality, FDA-approved pharmaceutical coils to meet all your specifications. We offer foam plugs, rayon coils, and polyester coils that we can customize for you.

Our coils are non-toxic, non-absorptive, and deliver effective and safe storage of your pharmaceutical products. We’re based in Gujarat, India, and offer prompt shipment across the US and Canada. For queries and placing an order, drop a quick inquiry or call at 1800-233-2677.

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