Understanding 4 Desiccant Applications

Desiccants are agents, like silica gel or molecular sieve, which absorb moisture from the air. They maintain dryness in products after they’re packaged, thus, minimizing losses and rejections.

Commodities like food, electronics, metal parts, and automobile accessories are more likely to be adversely affected by a high concentration of moisture or the presence of humidity. The quality of the products can be preserved, eventually prolonging their shelf life.

It’s crucial to make sure that the products sitting on shelves are safe for consumption, and that’s where desiccants come in handy. They’re added to reduce moisture and retain product quality.

There are various applications of desiccants as they’re widely used across an extensive array of industries.

Transportation/Shipping of Goods

Desiccants are commercial agents and play a significant role in the packaging process of shipping goods.

Goods are stored in large cargo boxes and are moved from one location to another. This takes a lot of time, days or even months. They can be on dry land or the high seas. Amid this hustle, it’s crucial to protect the stored items to ensure there are no losses due to damaged or ineffective products.

Using desiccants can help you save money and ensure safe transportation of goods.


As the food items in stores and supermarkets wait to be purchased, several issues like mold growth, bacteria growth, and food waste need to be addressed.

When the consumer purchases a product, it needs to be in the same condition it was when it was manufactured. Food items are at constant risk of being spoilt or becoming inedible; that’s why using desiccants is vital.

This will maintain the quality and minimize losses.

Storing Chemicals

If certain chemicals come in contact with moisture, they can form compounds. Hence, non-reacting desiccants, like silica gel, should be used while storing chemicals to preserve them.


The functionality of electronic devices can become damaged due to moisture soaking in. Although the effects are not as dramatic as electric shocks or short circuits, they do impair the electronic appliance in subtle ways.

So, using desiccants can sustain the functionality of electronic appliances and extend their durability.

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