Why Is Silica Gel Used for Product Packaging?

Why Is Silica Gel Used for Product Packaging?

Silica gel has been used in packing products for quite some time now. It absorbs moisture and blocks ultraviolet radiation. It’s often used in the pharmaceutical and food industry for its benefits.

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Why Is Silica Gel Used for Product Packaging?

Water Absorption

The ability of silica gel to absorb water is one of the main reasons why it’s used in product packaging. In fact, silica gel can be used to remove moisture from gases such as oxygen and nitrogen. Furthermore, it can absorb up to 90% of water.

This property of silica gel works well in the pharmaceutical industry where medicinal products can’t be exposed to moisture that could affect their effectiveness.


Silica gel can also be used as a desiccant where it absorbs all the water present in the air and releases it during the process. The product packaging industry uses silicon dioxide to make silica gel.

When used in its liquid form, silicon dioxide is activated by heating it with oxygen, forming silicic acid. Silicic acid differs from other molecular compounds or oxides because it’s typically formed by oxidizing metals and elements in the form of salt or electric charge transfer.


Another very important property of silica gel is that it has an anti-static property. It’s also known as the “electrification of air.”

This property can be used in various industries where industrial processes produce static electricity or materials that create static electricity, such as electronic circuits, automotive components, paper mills, and so on.

Heat Stability

Silica gel has a good heat stability feature. In fact, at 1.8 °C, it retains its original chemical composition and molecular structure. This property leads to its use in the food and automotive industry.

Bulk Packaging

Finally, this product is used in bulk packaging because of its ability to withstand high temperatures. Silica gel is also used in the food industry, where it preserves food items such as spices, cheese, and meat.

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