What are the Key Differences between Blue Indicating Silica Gel and Orange Indicating Silica Gel?

What are the Key Differences between Blue Indicating Silica Gel and Orange Indicating Silica Gel?

Have you ever tried using Silica gel? You must have seen it being sold in tiny packets, but you’re probably not aware that silica gel is capable of absorbing at least 40 percent greater than its weight when it’s in water. And that’s the reason why silica gel is so useful for a wide range of applications in many industries, from food and medicines to clothing and cosmetics and even in the electronics industry. In most of these industries, two types of indicating silica gels are used— blue and orange. This blog post will explain the difference between these two types of Silica gels.

Orange indicating silica gel and Its Use

This orange-colored silica gel has a very attractive appearance and looks like frozen orange pulp when it’s dry. However, it changes to green once it’s exposed to 15% water. Due to its non-toxic nature, it’s commonly used in food industries and environmentally-friendly companies. It doesn’t contain any traces of cobalt chloride, which is banned in European countries.

Ideally, orange indicating silica gel should be kept at room temperature, as it works well for moisture control purposes. Many electronic items, such as compressed air dryers, use it for this purpose. It doesn’t affect the food or any consumable goods either.

Blue indicating silica gel and its Uses

The other type of silica gel called Blue indicating silica gel has a blue-colored granule because it’s prepared using cobalt chloride to wash the beads. When exposed to water, it quickly turns pink. Although it serves the same function as orange indicating silica gel, companies avoid using it for consumable goods. Many European countries have strict rules and regulations and have banned using it because of its toxic content. Since it’s less in demand, you can find it at much cheaper rates than orange indicating silica gel. However, despite being banned in Europe, many industries in the US and Canada continue to use it for different purposes.

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