The Application of 13X, 3A, 4A, and 5A Molecular Sieve

The Application of 13X, 3A, 4A, and 5A Molecular Sieve

Molecular sieves are naturally occurring or synthetically made adsorbents known as zeolites. These are used extensively for the separation of fixed or permanent gases. The four main types of molecular sieves are 13X, 3A, 4A, and 5A. The type varies according to the molecule’s chemical formula, and each type comes with different pore size.

Let’s take a look at each of these molecular sieves individually.

13X Molecular Sieve

13X molecular sieves have a larger pore size as compared to any of the A-type sieves. The applications of 13X molecular sieves are as follows:

  • Used to dry and sweeten LPG and natural gas
  • Helps in removing moisture and carbon dioxide from the air for use in glass industries and steel refineries
  • Various usages in aerosol, glass, metal, and steel industries
  • Helps to preserve pharmaceutical materials and fruits
  • Helps in gas drying and purifying in NHS synthesis
  • Assists in the removal of oxidizers
  • Used in hydrogen purification systems
  • Used in the process of paraffin sweetening
  • Used to remove mercaptans from LPG
  • Used in refrigerant purifying and solvent drying

3A Molecular Sieve

3A molecular sieves have a pore size of 30 and are used extensively in drying alkyne polar liquids. The applications of 3A molecular sieves are as follows:

  • Used in the dehydration, separation, drying, and purification of ethanol in distilleries
  • Used in transformer oil dehydration system
  • Used for solvent drying in pharmaceutical plants
  • Used to dry pyrolysis gases in the process of ethylene manufacturing
  • Used to dry olefin and LPG
  • Helps in refrigerant drying and dehydration
  • Used in the dehydration of ethylene, cracked gas, natural gas propylene, methane, butadiene, and ethyne
  • Helps in drying cracking gases and liquids

4A Molecular Sieve

4A molecular sieve works on the principle of surface adsorption. The applications of 4A molecular sieves are as follows:

  • Used in the purification and generation of argon
  • Used in the regeneration and drying of transformer oil
  • Used to dry and purify ammonia gas and methane
  • Used in instrumental air drying
  • Used in the removal of carbon dioxide from the cracked gas
  • Used to dry liquefied natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas
  • Helps to purify gas for catalyst regeneration

5A Molecular Sieve

5A molecular sieves have higher crushing and adsorption ability. The applications of 5A molecular sieves are as follows:

  • Used in API packaging
  • Used in the packaging of pharmaceutical capsules and tablets
  • Used in the lining of bags for bulk containers
  • Helps in the safe loading, transportation, and storage of tablets and powders
  • Used as a laminate to foil
  • Used for food and pouches

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