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Molecular Sieve Powder

Molecular Sieve Powder

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The activated molecular sieve powder is dehydrated synthetic powder, foam of 3A and 4A molecular sieves and used in some special adsorbents applications such as petrochemical product purification for pollution free environment, increase strength and equivalence when use in basic chemical in paint, absorb water. Activated Molecular sieve is a complex aluminium oxide and sodium silicate structure which allows the adsorption of molecules on the basis of size and its polarity. We are supplying 100% pure molecular sieve powder with best quality and high adsorption capacity.

Description Unit Target
Type   3A 4A
Size μm 2-10 2-10
Bulk Density g/ml 0.38 - 0.48 0.40 - 0.47
Static adsorption
(RH 60% @ Pressure 25°C)
% 20 19
pH Value   7 - 9 9 - 11
Packing Moisture % 3 3


  • 2K- Polyurethane coatings and mouldings
  • Highly effective product for azeotropic & ketal reactions
  • 1K- Polyurethane storage protection
  • Storage protection for metallic pigment
  • Polysulfide and silicone systems
  • Carriers for chemicals for controlled release
  • Processing aid for polymer production
  • Desiccant for the production of polymer desiccant materials
  • Cosmetics additive
  • Storage protection additives for highly hygroscopic goods
  • Additives for flame retardants
  • Shift of chemical reaction by removal of water as by-product
  • Powder Coating in paint industry