Sorbead India Proudly Unveils New Website & Company Logo

Sorbead India, one of the leading suppliers of adsorbents and desiccants in the country, is happy to announce two eventful launches. The company successfully launched its new website theme – “New Year, New Look” as well as a Brand New Company Logo. Both the new website and new company logo are designed in such a manner that they are more responsive and user friendly.

The main highlight of the new website theme is that it can be accessed from anywhere- be it a laptop, desktop or what everyone uses the most nowadays, smart phones. It is very important for the new website to be mobile friendly as in the present times, people are mostly using their smart phones to access the Internet. The new website is highly responsive when compared to the previous one because it has an inquiry link on the home page itself, where one can instantly inquire about the product they are interested in. For further queries regarding any product, one can also place an inquiry.

The new website makes browsing and getting to know different Sorbead India products much easier as each product has an individual page and links to all other pages. This makes the process of moving from one product to another hassle-free and the potential client has a good browsing experience. The additional safety features included the new website make it more attractive and user-friendly for the customers.

In addition to the new website, Sorbead India also unveiled a new company logo on January 1st 2016. The idea behind the new logo is to make it more attractive and “stand out” so that it will appeal to more clients and thus, bring in more business. A company logo represents all what the company stands for and therefore its main identity. It is, therefore, very important that the company logo is a unique and attractive one.

Both the new website and new company logo have been designed keeping the customer in mind and ensuring that his/her visit to Sorbead India will be the first of many more fulfilling ones.

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