Pillow Pak

Sorbead India is a worldwide supplier of desiccant packets of “Desiccare Inc.” Standardized desiccant pillow pak filled with molecular sieve, indicating type and non-indicating type silica gel, clay and activated carbon. Pillow packs are packaged in Tyvek™ material which is approved by USFDA. The gaseous and moisture removal pillow pak is DMF free, non-toxic and moisture free, so that they can be placed with food and moisture sensitive pharmaceutical products to extend their shelf life. These desiccant pouches are also used for dehumidifier process using a molecular sieve and silica gel packets. The desiccant pillow pak are available in various sizes used to absorb moisture, humidity, odor or gas.

We offer pillow pak as individual packs as well as in roll form, with desiccant as well as combination.

E.g. 50/50 blend silica gel and carbon pillow packets for moisture and odor.

Construction Tyvek (FDA approved)
Size 0.25 grams to 14 grams
Regeneration Process Yes
USFDA & EU Compliance Yes
Desiccant Material Silica Gel, Molecular Sieve, Activated Carbon, Clay
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Electronics Industry
  • Diagnostic Kits
  • Foods Industry
  • Textile Industry
  • Freeze Dried Goods
  • Powders and Vitamins
  • Consumer Products
  • Food and Pet Food Industry

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