Container Desiccant

Shipping containers are always at threats of moisture devastating impact, because day to day elevation of moisture inside the container leads to mold, mildew, fungus formation, soggy smell, rusting of metal parts and even leads to condensation so called as Container Rain. Various commodities like food products, Pharmaceutical products, electrical &electronics goods, metal parts and automobile accessories are at the higher risk due to elevated humidity. Desiccant with clay and having 100% adsorption capacity will provide 100% protection during the whole voyage.

While using desiccant one can maintain the integrity and quality of products being exported and will be free from the high risk of rejection and losses.

To counter act such threats Sorbead India offers cargo dry pak which is a mixture of clay desiccant & calcium chloride, which control the moisture effectively and lowers the dew point inside the container. Cargo Dry Pak will protect all types of commodity like leather, food, pharmaceuticals, glass, metal, automobile and many more. Cargo dry pak is USFDA approved and CFR 21 compliance container desiccant. Cargo dry pak is environmentally safe can be disposed of as a normal waste. It works on the principle of equilibrium offer the protection for more than 50 days.

Cargo Dry Pak is a product of Desiccare Inc. USA; one can use the products to be risk free from the threats of mold, mildew, fungus formation, rusting and container rain. Packs are available in 500 gm with tyvek packing easy to place on pallets and products itself and 1500 gm with hanging string can be tide on the side wall of the container. It being non-toxic in nature can be used safely with food, pharmaceuticals and agriculture product storage.

We offer Advanced Container Desiccant – “Cargo Dry Pak”:

Cargo Dry Pak- A Specially designed desiccant which is manufactured by Desiccare Inc. USA. Customers can now ship their products without threats of moisture related problems like mold, mildew, fungus & rusting-corrosion. Cargo Dry Pak is environmentally safe and can be disposed of as a normal waste. Cargo Dry Pak having active substance as Calcium Chloride , Bentonite Clay & Starch & absorbs up to 100% of its weight in moisture. Cargo Dry Pak is available in two sizes; 500 gm can be placed on pallets or on products and 1500 gm can be hang on the side wall of the container.

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