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Cargo Dry Pak

Cargo Dry Pak

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To avoid moisture related oxidation problems and damage caused by the harmful effects of condensation & rusting during transporting goods such as automobiles, machinery, aerospace and electronics products, which can often translate into lost revenue and jeopardize credibility for the company.

Use Container Desiccant - Cargo Dry Pak


Cargo Dry Pak is a desiccant which has an active substance calcium chloride, bentonite clay and starch, which is based on calcium chloride, even at high humidity conditions the rate of adsorption is constant & slow, cargo dry pak will never saturate fast. It works on the principle of equilibrium. Thus cargo dry pak should sustain for minimum 50 days.

Cargo dry pak is an advance alternative product for silica gel. Silica gel having an adsorbation capacity of 30% of its own weight, while cargo dry paks having an adsorption capacity of 100% of its own weight. Silica gel is designed for enclosed packaging desiccant product. For export container you need to use cargo dry pak.

Cargo Dry Pak available sizes:

  • 500 gm can be placed on pallets or on products
  • 1500 gm can be hanging on the side wall of the container.

Industrial Uses:

  • Heavy machinery manufacturing industry
  • Automobile industry
  • Aerospace & jet industry
  • Electronics industry
  • Food Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • API & Drugs Manufacturing Industry

500 Gram Cargo Dry Pak:

Desiccare Part Number: 02EF35A22

Desiccant: Calcined clay particles with calcium chloride granules

Packed Desiccants:

Quantity: 500gms +10%/-5%
Length: 10.750“ ±0.375“
Width: 6.250“ ±0.250“

Packaging Material:

Tyvek, spunbonded Olefin, type 1059B. Manufactured by E.I. DuPont
Exterior - Uncoated
Interior - heat seal coating (Hot Melt Adhesive)

STD Packaging:
30 Tyvek 500 gram bags per box with a poly bag liner

1500 Gram Cargo Dry Pak:

Desiccare Part Number: 03EI35S22

Desiccant: Calcined clay particles with calcium chloride granules

Packed Desiccants:
Quantity: 1500gms +10%/-5%
Length: 14.125“ ±0.375“
Width: 8.375“ ±0.250“

Packaging Material:
Polyester/Rayon blend
20% Polyester, 80% Rayon
Acrylic blend

Standard Packaging:
10 sewn 1500 gms bags per box with a poly bag liner

  • MSDS Will Be Provided On Your Request
  • Brochures Will Be Provided On Your Request
  • Our cargo dry paks meets the requirements of MILD 3464-E and DIN standard.
  • It is environmentally safe and can be disposed as a normal waste.
  • It absorbs up to 100% of its own weight in moisture.
  • Packet material of cargo dry pak is Durable, heat-sealed Tyvek® fabric (USFDA approved)

Microbial Contamination:

In high humidity condition of 65% and above, moisture absorption occurs. Beyond a certain level of moisture content, spoilage due to microbial growth sets in.

Features of Container Desiccant:

  • To avoid rejection of product consignment & losses.
  • USFDA approved, suitable for pharmaceuticals and food manufacturing companies.
  • DMF Free (Number 11871) Type III packaging.
  • ROHS (restriction of hazardous substances) product.