Foam Plugs as Stoppers

Foam plugs are analyzed for its performance with respect to health standards. ‘ACUTE SYSTEMIC TOXICITY TEST’ over rats is conducted to understand its toxicity parameter. This is in accordance with a South Africa Bureau of Standards Test – SANS 640 – 2005, which tests for parameters like weight, density, aging and solvent resistance.

We offer a wide range of Foam plugs in block/cylindrical shapes made up of polyurethane. These are widely used as fillers in tablets/capsules packing when bottled. The composition of Foam Plugs – Urethane does not melt when heated.

Foam plugs have density 18kg/m³. These foam plugs are reusable which come with consistent density and dimension. Additional features are auto cleavable, non-absorbent and non-toxic. The foam is produced in blocks – 3m³, then cut according to the desired dimension, during which utmost care is taken to avoid contamination. Antiseptic washing is ensured for cutting blades and board. Cut pieces of foam plugs are packed into a plastic bag, sealed and packed in a final cardboard box.

Our USFDA approved and DMF-free pharmaceutical foam plugs are used for pharmaceutical products and drugs like Aspirin Drug packaging to protect products from damage during shipping time.

Salient Features:

  • Blocks/ Cylindrical Shapes
  • Autoclavable
  • Non- Absorbent
  • Non Toxic & Non- Reactive
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Used over a wide range of temperature
  • Proven safe as per health standards
  • Provide snug fit yet allows a free airflow/completely breathable
  • Spring back to Original shape after repeated use
  • Reusable and leaves no clinging fiber like cotton

The foam plugs are performed for its performance with respect to Health standard; accordingly it is performed over rats called ‘ACUTE SYSTEMIC TOXICITY TEST’.

The foam is tested in accordance with a South Africa Bureau of Standards Test – SANS 640 – 2005, which tests for weight, density, ageing and solvent resistance.

Foam used are of reusable quality with consistent density 18kg/m3 and dimension.

Available sizes in round & square shapes are:

  • 30mm dia * 15mm thickness
  • 50mm dia * 15mm thickness
  • 60mm dia * 15mm thickness
  • 38mm dia * 47mm thickness
  • 35mm dia * 45mm thickness
  • 20mm dia * 35mm thickness
  • 23mm dia * 35mm thickness

Desired size also available in round cylindrical shapes & in form of blocks in the sizes and thickness as per customer’s requirements.

  • Fillers in tablets’ and capsules’ packing
  • Protects tablets from chipping due to rattling while transportation

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