Activated Alumina Balls

Activated Alumina Ball is Aluminium Oxide that is highly porous and exhibits a higher surface area. Activated Alumina Ball widely used in Instrumental Air Drying suitable for Heat Less Air Dryer, Heat Reactivated Dryer, Heat of Compression Air Dryer & Reciprocated Air Dryer. Activated Alumina Ball offers desirable performance in all brands of Air Dryer.

Activated alumina grade SORB-I (AD – 101) having a surface area in the range 345-415 m2/g. because it has the highest water absorption capacity then other adsorbents. Sorbead India supply alumina balls for thermal swing adsorption process, oil filtration, air & gas drying process. We supply alumina balls for HOC, heated and heatless air drying process, as well as alumina for fluoride and arsenic removal. Get effective moisture/water absorption results from the air for a long time with regeneration process.

Parameters Instrument Air Drying Grade
Physical Properties
Shape Spherical Beads Spherical Beads
Size In mm




(3.12 mm)


2-5 mm




(6.25 mm)


5-8 mm

Surface Area m2/gm 350-415 350-415
Bulk Density Kg/m3 700-800 700-800
Pore Volume cc/gm 0.40-0.50 0.40-0.50
Attrition Loss % < 0.2 < 0.2
Adsorption Capacity @ 60% RH & 25° C % ≥ 20 ≥ 20
Crushing Strength N 80-120 120-240
Loss On Drying % < 1.5 < 1.5
LOI (300° C-1000° C) % 6-8 6-8
Chemical Properties
Al2O3 By Difference Min 92 .7% 92.7%

Remarks : All the parameters to be customized as per the client requirement

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    1. For Instrumental Air Drying in Air Drying System in POY Yarn & Staple Fibre Yarn Industries, Polyester Chips Industries .
    2. Compressed Air Drying Systems .
    3. For Sulphur Recovery Plant .
    4. TSA / PSA Oxygen Plant .
    5. Transformer Oil , Lubricating Oil and Refrigerant Purification.
    6. Peroxide Removal from Organic Solvent Tetrahydrofuran.
    7. Pneumatic Air Breaking Dryer .
    8. HVAC Filter Dryer System .
    • Advantages :
    1. High Crushing Strength.
    2. High Adsorption Capacity
    3. Low Bulk Density.
    4. Low Attrition loss
    5. Dust Free Operation.
    6. Longer Service life.


    ● Air Drying Desiccant
    ● HOC Air Dryer
    ● Arsenic And Fluoride Removal
    ● Transformer Oil , Lubricating Oil and Refrigerant Purification.
    ● Oxygen Generation  Plants
    ● Catalyst Carrier
    ● TSA Oxygen Plant
    ● PSA Oxygen Plant
    ● Purification Of Hydraulic Oil
    ● Peroxide Removal from Organic Solvent Tetrahydrofuran
    ● Pneumatic Air Breaking Dryer  Systems
    ● Automotive Industry
    ● Filter Dryer HVAC Systems
    ● Compressed Air Dryer Systems
    ● Sulphar Recovery Plant
    ● Activated Alumina Balls For Thermosyphon Filters
    ● Cryogenic Plants / Steel Industry
    ● Polyester Filament Yarn Dehumidification Systems
    ● Activated Alumina Balls For Instrumental Air Drying
    ● POY Yarn & Staple Fiber Yarn Industry

    ● Sugar Industry

    ● Drying Of Organic Liquids Such As LPG, Propylene, Butene, Steam Cracked Liquids, Cyclohexane, Gasoline, Chlorofluoro Hydrocarbons, Aromatic Solvents

    ● Drying Of Air And Gases Such As Steam Cracked

    ● Gases, Catalytic Reforming Recycle Gas, Synthesis Gas, Natural Gas, CO2

    ● Drying Of Organic Liquids As LPG, Gasoline, Chlorofluorocarbons

    ● Catalytic Reforming Recycles Gases, Synthesis Gases,

    ● Instrument Air, Supersonic Wind Tunnel, Compressed Air