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Carbon Molecular Sieve

Carbon Molecular Sieve

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Carbon Molecular Sieve is the most important element of each and every PSA system and utilized in the production of Nitrogen. Our Carbon Molecular Sieve has capacity of high Nitrogen Yield. It can meet the requirement of almost all types of PSA nitrogen system. The Oxygen molecule will be adsorbed by the solid surface of the CMS and the enriched Nitrogen will be output from the top of the bed to the container. CMS adsorbs oxygen gas from compressed air in a short period of time and compressed Nitrogen gas is available at the outlet.

When the total bed reaches to its equilibrium than it need to be regenerated. In this process of regeneration oxygen molecules is being liberated from the bed. Thus the bed is once again ready to absorbs impurities & release pure nitrogen. Thus the bed is once again ready to absorbs impurities and release pure nitrogen.

Type Y & X molecular sieve cannot separate nitrogen from the other gas molecule present in air, thus carbon molecular sieve is used in the application of purifying nitrogen from the air because CMS has special affinity towards oxygen and carbon molecule.

CMS Type Absorption pressure (MPa) N2 Purity (%) N2 Yield (L/ N2 recovery Rate (%)
CMS-220 0.6 99.99 70 ≥ 23
99.9 128 ≥ 34
99.5 185 ≥ 42
99.0 260 ≥ 47
98.0 305 ≥ 52
CMS-220 0.8 99.99 90 ≥ 25
99.9 160 ≥ 34
99.5 220 ≥ 42
99.0 285 ≥ 47
98.0 355 ≥ 53

Nitrogen generated by PSA plant is used as per the need of different industries. The main advantage is regular, consistent and in house production, which will lead to economies of scale for industry.

  • Storage and Packing of Perishable foods and beverages
  • Interties storage tank, Nitrogen Blanketing
  • Packing against oxidation, contamination.
  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries.
  • Metal & Steel Industry- Prevent oxidation during casting of special steels.