Aluminium Tubes

Montebello has 50 years of tube production experience with dedicated facilities located in the United States and Canada. Our product specific Laminate and Aluminium plants optimize in creating the highest quality tube. Montebello offers a familiar sales force, flexible run sizes, in-house graphics department and responsive customer service support. Montebello-Canada employs advanced, high speed offset lithography in up to six colors to fulfill customer needs for vivid and active packaging. Finishes include sophisticated screened shades, deep vibrant colors, a brilliant penalized look, and the sleek metallic finish of clear enamel, unique to aluminium tubes.

Montebello takes pride in being the tube supplier companies choose as their partner of choice for marketing new opportunities. Montebello manufactures aluminium & laminate tubes in both foil and all-plastic materials for pharmaceutical, personal care products, cosmetics, household, industrial and food products.

Features of Aluminium Tubes:

  • Internal coatings and liners
  • Crimp sealants
  • Tamper resistant features and options
  • Cap resins
  • Cap choices and custom design
  • Product Delivery Options

The protective coatings used provide high to medium chemical resistance and medium to low chemical resistance. For general packaging applications depending upon product characteristics and pH levels. Many products can be packaged in aluminium tubes with versatile cost-effective internal liners. A broad range of epoxy phenolic liners have proved very adaptable and are preferred by many tube fillers. Our tubes are made from the highest purity of alumina. Aluminium is the world’s highest recycled material. As our customer, your aluminium tube makes a positive commitment to the environment. When the user is finished with our product, the aluminium tube may be recycled.

  • The Product to be packed
  • Capacity , i.e. quantity of product to be packed
  • Diameter of the tube
  • Length of the tube
  • Opening: whether Blind or Punctured.
  • The aluminium metal tube is permitting controlled amounts to be dispensed easily, with good re-closure and adequate environmental protection to the product.
  • The risk of contamination of the portion remaining in the tube is minimal, because the tube does not “suck back”.
  • It is light in weight and unbreakable.
  • Protect your brand with Aluminum
  • Coatings keep products fresher, longer
  • Neck and tip dispensing options
  • Unlimited Graphics increase shelf impact

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