Laminated Tube Vs. Aluminum Tube: Which Is Better?

Laminated Tube Vs. Aluminum Tube: Which Is Better?

With the increase in interest in environmental preservation, the packaging industry has also changed. There is a lot of thought put into making and creating packaging to ensure it’s not only durable but also sustainable and environmentally friendly.

In a survey conducted in 2018, a staggering amount of 72 percent of customers preferred to go for products with eco-friendly packaging.

Companies have to think of creative ways to come up with packaging that’s only sturdy and well suited to the product but is also innovative, attractive, safe for the environment.

Two of the most convenient options that tick all these boxes are aluminum tubes and laminated tubes.

Even though these options are eco-friendly, they both have certain pros and cons that should be taken into account before landing on one option.

Aluminum Tubes:

Aluminum tubes are used for packaging toothpaste and ointments in the pharmaceutical industry.


  • One of the most common and important advantages of aluminum tubes is that they can be recycled and are an environmentally conscious choice.
  • Aluminum is also a good choice from a manufacturer’s point of view because it is easy to process since it is flexible and can be bent into any shape or size.
  • It is also economical compared to laminated tubes and therefore has the plus point of being cost-effective.


  • Aluminum can be brittle and can be damaged if it is thin.
  • It can be easily dented.

The advantages of aluminum tubes outweigh the disadvantages. Our aluminum tubes are made of high-quality alumina and have cost-effective liners, which means that it is safe to package chemicals without fear of spillage.

Laminated Tube:

Laminated tube is used for multiple purposes, which are quite similar to that of aluminum tubes.


  • Laminated tubes are eco friendly, and as compared to aluminum tubes, the cost to recycle them is lower.
  • Laminated tubes are wrinkle-free and have a better appearance.
  • They have qualities of both metal and plastic; the tube has advantages of plastic but has barrier properties of metal.
  • They have a more aesthetic look, and one seam on the tube allows for more space for the content.


  • They are relatively new as compared to aluminum tubes.

Sorbead India has a wide range of laminate tubes for you to choose from, and there are options for you to customize the tubes according to your requirements.  We also supply moisture-free packaging solutions.

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