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    "SORBEAD INDIA" is truly specializes in "Adsorbents & Desiccants". The company was founded in 1996 by Mr.Rajesh Galgalikar.
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    The company was founded with an aim and dedication to serve the demanding needs of the market in protecting products against the damaging effects of moisture & humidity.
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    • Activated Alumina
      Activated alumina is an aluminum oxide which is highly porous and exhibits tremendous surface area.
      • Activated Alumina Balls
        Activated Alumina balls has a higher capacity to absorb water than silica gel because surface area of inert alumina ball is in the range of 345-415 m2/gm at elevated temperatures.
    • Chromatography Adsorbents
      Chromatography adsorbents are regularly used in pharmaceutical & chemical industries, where primary issue of chromatography is to make final pure compounds or make a impurity profile studies for pharmaceutical & natural products.
      • Aluminium Oxide Chromatography
        Generally aluminium oxide is another stationery phase well-known adsorbent, used in chromatography for less polar compounds.
      • Flash Chromatography
        The rapid foam of preparative chromatography is "flash chromatography". Flash column chromatography is usually carried out with a mixture of two solvents, with a polar and a nonpolar component.
      • Silica Gel Column Chromatography
        Column chromatography is the ideal method of chromatography for purification and separation of both solid and liquids.
      • Thin Layer Chromatography
        Thin layer chromatography (principle of separation: different adsorption of the components on the surface of an adsorbent).
    • Container Desiccant
      In shipping container moisture problem is often creates products damages, causing the occurrence known as "container rain".
      • Cargo Dry Pak
        Cargo Dry Pak is specially expressed to eliminating moisture corrosion from shipping and storage containers.
    • Pharmaceutical Desiccants
      A wide range of desiccants for adsorption and absorption applications including silica gel, molecular sieves, activated carbon and clay desiccants.
      • Desiccant Canisters
        When pharmaceutical products are affected to moisture, the risk becoming storage or packaging life of tablets or capsules are less effective.
      • Desiccant Tablets
        Pharmaceutical tablets and capsules are moisture sensitive, for this reason use desiccant tablets inserted in the package containers as a separate desiccant device.
      • Humidity Indicating Cards
        Desiccare,Inc. manufactures a full line of humidity indicating cards which allows a low cost method of indicating humidity conditions for various types of barrier packaging, including MIL spec ( MIL- I - 8835) process.
      • Moisture Adsorbing Activ-FilmsCSP's Moisture Adsorbing Activ-FilmsTM can be seamlessly introduced into your existing packaging configuration in a way that is not obvious to the consumer.
      • Pillow Pak
        Sorbead India is worldwide supplier of desiccant packets of "Desiccare Inc."
      • Silica Gel Packets
        The little silica gel packets are controls moisture, relative humidity and water vapor.
      • Tubes & Vials
        CSP Technologies is an ISO-9001:2008 certified manufacturer of packaging solutions.
      • Unit Pak
        Moisture absorbing unit pak offers drying applications for packaging applications.
    • Laminated & Aluminium Tubes
      Laminated and Aluminium tubes have found widespread use in various day to day applications from various types of packing and pharmaceuticals applications to the storage of creams, ointments, lotions, gels, cosmetics as such these laminated and aluminium tubes are making an increasing presence.
      • Aluminium Tubes
        Montebello has 50 years of tube production experience with dedicated facilities located in the United States and Canada.
      • Laminate Tubes
        M-Laminate combines the benefit of aluminum tube properties with the look and feel of plastic.
    • LDPE Bags - Pharma Grade
      Sorbead India is one of the few suppliers who have been offering products which are developed in USA, with a status of USFDA approved.
      • LDPE Bags
        We take a sophisticated approach to the development, specification and are manufacture representatives of films and liners for the healthcare industry.
    • Molecular Sieves
      The adsorbents, molecular sieve are pelleted, beaded and powdered material, made from three dimensional materials.
      • 13X Molecular Sieve
        The sodium based molecular sieve 13x based on the molecule from the type of X crystalline foam, which has the larger pore size then other type of A crystalline foam that is 3a, 4a and 5a.
      • 3A Molecular Sieve
        Molecular sieve 3a is the potassium based molecules having opening pore size about 3A° of "A" type crystalline structure and also it can not absorb any molecules more than its pore size.
      • 4A Molecular Sieve
        Sodium based molecular sieve 4a, having pore size is about 4Ao and can not absorb molecules more than its pore sizes, mainly used for absorbing water portion from gaseous and liquefied materials.
      • 5A Molecular Sieve
        Molecular sieve 5a is calcium based molecules having pore size is 5a┬░ and can absorbs all molecules which are smaller than its pore size like 3a & 4a, it is the most efficient adsorbent from all molecules, contains alkali metal amino silicate of A type crystalline structure.
      • Carbon Molecular Sieve
        Carbon Molecular Sieve is the most important element of each and every PSA system and utilized in the production of Nitrogen.
      • Molecular Sieve Powder
        Activated molecular sieve powder is dehydrated synthetic powder foam of 3A and 4A molecular sieves and used in some special adsorbents applications such as petrochemical products purification for pollution free environment, increase strength and equivalence when use in basic chemical in paint, absorb water.
    • Oxygen Absorbers
      After the process of freeze drying of food it removes 95 % water from food, what next do for preserving self-life of food for long term pack in container or packets.
      • O-Busters
        Sorbead's stocks of O-Busters®, oxygen absorber packets are made from chemical components which is vacuum sealed bags packaged in polyester or polyethylene material and mainly designed to control oxygen from any type of packaging environment.
      • Oxygen Absorbing Activ-Films
        CSP's Oxygen Absorbing Activ-FilmsTM can be used to scavenge oxygen from the headspace of muliple packaging configurations.
    • Pharmaceutical Coils
      Sorbead India represents "carolina" absorbent cotton, which manufacturers various pharmaceutical coils for pharmaceutical, netraceutical formulation industries.
      • Cotton Coils
        Carolina absorbent cotton is the only vertically integrated cotton coil manufacturer in the United States.
      • Foam Plugs as Stoppers
        Desiccant foam plugs are performed for its performance with respect to health standard, accordingly it is performed over rats called 'ACUTE SYSTEMIC TOXICITY TEST'.
      • Polyester Coils
        Polyester coil is white, odorless, soft, resilient material comprised of 100% polyester fibers. Pharmaceutical polyester coils are use for pharmaceutical bottles packaging.
      • Rayon Coils
        Sorbead India launched pharmaceutical rayon fiber coils for pharmaceutical packaging to protect bottle packaging. coils are USFDA approved and DMF free with available number.
    • Silica Gel
      Silica gel is an amorphous form of silicon dioxide, producing in the form of hard irregular beads (having the appearance of small beads) or hard irregular granules (having the appearance of crystals) with having high surface area about (800 square meters per gram) because of its a micro porous structure of interlocking cavities that makes silica gel a high capacity of moisture absorb desiccant.
      • Silica Gel Blue
        Silica gel blue is semi-transparent glassy substance containing an indicator as 'cobalt'. When silica gel is free from moisture the crystals or beads are converted in to dark blue in color.
      • Silica Gel Orange
        In this type all the particles of "Silica Gel Orange impregnated with an Organic Indicator", with having high adsorption capacity.
      • Silica Gel White
        White silica gel beads & crystals are in these higher humidity conditions (above 50% relative humidity) that stored or in-transit products are susceptible to damage.
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