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Silica Gel Packets

Product Code : DT-SGP

Silica Gel Packets Description

The little silica gel packets are controls moisture, relative humidity and water vapor. Silica gel made from silicon dioxide, therefore it nearly harmless and that’s why packets can put with food container and pharmaceutical tablets. Our silica gel pillow paks and unit paks are FDA approved, can absorb about 40% of its weight in moisture and can take relative humidity from the packaging environment. When the gel is saturated, you can rid of the moisture and then these tiny desiccant packets can reuse silica gel packets by heating it above 300 degree Fahrenheit. We are packed desiccant materials such as activated carbon, clay desiccant, silica gel (white, blue and orange) beads, molecular sieves beads in tyvek, cotton, paper and polyester clothing, transparent bags and non-woven materials.

Continues strips desiccant packets:

Sorbead India offers tiny desiccant packet such as pillow pak in continues strips in bulk. Many industries use manually insert desiccant packs. By eliminating this procedure they are prefer strips, to reduce labor costs and increase work effectiveness and overall productivity. We are also deal with individual’s clay desiccant packets, activated carbon packets, silica gel packets and molecular sieve packets, offers exclusive custom packaging material as per clients need.

Industries and Usages:

  • Medications and vitamins
  • Diagnostic and test kits
  • Dried and freeze goods packaging
  • Pet foods packaging
  • Pharmaceutical tablets & capsules packaging

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